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Jump off - Series 2

1. The Program is open to any rider 16 years or older on the date of online registration.

2. In order to successfully apply, applicants must

a) Complete the online application form

b) Pay the entry fee of $500 per horse

c) Agree to the terms and conditions of entry

3. To be eligible for the “ Just Raced ” category, horses must:

a) be maximum 2 years off the track from last official trial or race.

b) registered with Equestrian Australia (EA)

c) must not have competed at an official Equestrian Australia (EA) level (1:05).

4. To be eligible for “ Have Jumped ” horses must be:

a) Thoroughbreds that either raced or trialled (proof required with race name)

b) Registered with Equestrian Australia (EA)

5. All applicants must produce proof of the horse’s last race and/or trial and entered with the race name and stable name (if applicable.)

6. The “ Have Jumped ” Thoroughbred categories will be split into two different height classes

a) Class One 1:05m-1:15m

b) Class Two 1:15m-1:30m

7. To qualify for the Class One (1:05m-1:15m) Horse must have 30EA points or less

8. Class Two (1:15m-1:30m) is an OPEN class.

9. A prize purse of $100,000

a) $50,000 to the winner of the “ Just Raced ” category

b) $25,000 to the winner of “ Have Jumped ” category Class One

c) $25,000 to the winner of “ Have Jumped ” category Class Two

10. Three (3) qualifying events will take place across Australia. One in Victoria, one in New South Wales and one in Queensland.

11. At each of these events, two (2) qualifying rounds per class will be staged on one competition day in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland in October 2019, dates to be confirmed.

12. Each event will have two (2) qualifying rounds per category.

13. The top three (3) finishers from EACH qualifying round will secure a place in the Jump Off Series Finals at Boneo Park.

14. ‘ Just Raced ’ class and ‘ Have Jumped ’ classes finals to be held at Boneo Park, Victoria, on Melbourne Cup Eve 4/11/2019.

15. Riders based in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and/or South Australia may compete in an event of their choice.

16. Any rider/horse combination may compete at ANY of the three (3) qualifying events, e.g.: if you live in Qld you could choose to qualify at NSW qualifying event.

17. However, rider/horse combinations may only compete at one (1) qualifying event and only in one (1) class.

18. Any horse/rider combination that does not make the top 3 in their class, is eligible to compete in the second class of the same category that day. The top three (3) of the second class will also go through to Boneo Park finals.

19. Six (6) rider/horse combinations from each category, from each state, will progress to the finals at Boneo Park. i.e. fifty-four (54) horse/rider combinations will progress to the Boneo Park finals.

20. There is no limit to the number of horses entered per rider and/or trainer.

21. Entrants will take full responsibility for their horse’s welfare throughout the duration of production, this includes and is not limited to:

a) Feeding

b) Providing drinking water

c) Providing appropriate accommodation at events (stables, yards etc.)

d) Transport to and from events

e) Shoeing

f) Any veterinary services

22. Stabling will be provided for each horse that progresses to the Boneo Park finals.

23. Horses that progress to the finals series at Boneo Park are subject to random swabbing.

24. Applicants must be willing and available to be filmed for the duration of the series. Filming will roughly commence in July 2019 and may take up to 6 months.

25. I (being The Applicant) must complete all parts of the application and provide answers that are accurate and truthful. The producer will reject any application that is not completed by yourself or that has been completed and/or submitted on your behalf.

26. I should not contact the Producer regarding the status of my application. The Producer will only be in direct contact with me (using the details I have provided in my application).

27. My submission of my application is not an offer or any representation that I will be considered to or will appear on the Program.

28. In entering, I am ensuring that I am in good physical and mental health and am able to prove that there is no medical, psychological or additional condition, injury or illness that could affect or hinder my participation in the program.

29. I hereby warrant and represent that:

a) I am not a user of any illegal drugs or substances; and

b) I will answer all of the questions in the application form fully, honestly and accurately and I confirm that I have not misled or attempted to mislead the Producer in any way as to my identity or horses history or experiences in any other way.

c) When engaging in such participation, I will interact with other participants in the Programme and comply with the Producer’s reasonable directions from time to time.

30. Other than as disclosed by me to the Producer, I am not subject to any pending criminal charges or other court proceedings and have not been charged, found guilty or convicted of any criminal offence (other than “spent convictions” that are no longer disclosable under applicable local law).

31. The Producer will own all of the rights in the Program including my contribution (including any materials submitted as part of my application) which will be freely

available for broadcast and all other media purposes without restriction (inclusive of promotion and publicity of the Program and all other ancillary purposes associated with the Program) and without any payment to me.

32. I consent to being photographed, filmed and/or recorded as part of the Program and my name, likeness, voice and appearance being used (in whole or in part):

(a) in the Program (including the broadcast of the Program); and

(b) in publicity and promotion for the Program, at any time and in any media throughout the world, without requiring any further consent from me or any payment being made to me.

33. I release and indemnify the Producers, their servants and agents or any party connected with any location used in the filming from any claim by me or on my behalf and arising out of any loss, damage, accident or injury to me as a result of the taping of the Program or my appearance in it. I hereby certify that the activity I am partaking in for the Program is totally at my own volition.

34. Confidentiality:

(a) I acknowledge that it is very important to the Producer that all matters concerning the Program are kept absolutely confidential. I understand that in participating in the Program I may obtain information about other Program participants (including their identity), the filming locations, planned activities and other intended content of the Program, its “behind the scenes” activities, the intended production, publicity and promotional methods for the Program and the business matters of the Producer, the Broadcaster and/or any other person or entity related to any of them (“Confidential Information”), all of which is not generally available to the public and remains strictly confidential unless and until the relevant information is broadcast as part of the Program or otherwise officially released to the public by the Producer, the Broadcaster or persons authorised by them.

(b) I promise that at all times I will keep the Confidential Information secret and confidential, that I will not use the Confidential Information for any purpose and I will not disclose, except to the extent required by law, any of the Confidential Information to any other person or allow or make it possible for any other person to see any Confidential Information that may be in my possession or control.

(c) I promise not to photograph, film or record any other activity in which I participate in connection with the Program, except as expressly directed by the Producer.

(d) I promise that I will not make any statement or give any interview about the Program or my participation at any time to any form of media outlet, platform

or organisation and that I will not post or publish any Confidential Information, photograph, video or other material concerning my participation in the Program on or via any form of ‘social media’ (including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube) except as expressly directed to do so by the Producer and/or the Broadcaster, nor allow or procure any other person to do any of these things for or on my behalf.

35. Release:

(a) I acknowledge and agree that my participation in the Program is voluntary and at my own risk. I agree that the Producer will not be liable to me in any way for any

loss, damage or injury to me, my property or reputation in connection with my participation in any application and/or the making or uses of any information, video or

other recording of me that is provided by me or otherwise created in the course of my participation.

(b) To the maximum extent permitted by law, I unconditionally release and shall continue to hold the Producer, the Broadcaster and their respective employees, officers, contractors and agents (“Released Parties”) harmless from and against any actions, claims and any other remedies whatsoever including injunctive relief in connection with any loss, damage or injury to me, my property and/or my reputation in connection with my participation in the application process for the Program, including my attendance at any audition location, any travel to and/or from such location and the uses of any material provided by me, recordings of me, or information provided by me as contemplated in these terms and conditions.

36. I irrevocably and unconditionally:

(a) grant to the Producer, the Broadcaster and their respective licensees, successors and assignees a royalty-free licence to communicate, adapt and exploit any photographic or video material (including all copyright featured in the same) that I have uploaded as part of my application, at their sole discretion, including in connection with the Program; and

(b) consent to the editing, amending or adapting of any video material regardless of whether such act is an infringement of any moral rights, anywhere, at any time, in any media, even if I am not selected to participate in the Program and without requiring any further consent from me or making any payment to me.

37. Breach of Contract : Any violation of any provision hereof or any failure to perform any covenants provided hereunder by any party shall constitute a breach of this agreement. I acknowledge that any breach of this agreement will:

a) result in my immediate disqualification; and

b) my application fee will not be refunded.