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Why is the rider age 16 years and over? 

Equine welfare and safety of riders is paramount.producers have decided on 16 years and over at the date of entry. 


Can a horse who is still racing enter?

Jump Off was specifically conceived to promote a second chance at  'life after racing', it is a requirement for entry that all Thoroughbreds are retired off the track. 


Can I just enter my horse?

You cannot enter a horse without a rider. 


Can I just enter as a rider until I find my horse?

Yes you can enter as a rider, however, you must contact Jump Off and let us know your horse details as soon as possible before entries close 30 August. 


Do I need to pay my entry fee if I haven’t found a horse yet?

Yes, No entries are valid without payment through Global Entries Online. 


When do entries close?

Entries close midnight 30 August 2019, however they may close earlier depending on numbers.


What article number will we be jumping in the qualifiers and final?

The article numbers for the qualifiers and finals will be decided once entry numbers are finalised. 


Will each state qualifying jumping course be the same?

Yes, all state qualifying classes will be the same distance and course design, however, there will different jumps. 


Will there be a water jump?


What happens if my rider or horse is sick on the day of our qualifying event?

Should your horses or rider fall ill and not be able to compete you must provide a valid vet certificate and/or a valid medical certificate. You will receive 50% of your entry fee as a refund. 


Can horse or rider be substituted?


Can I ride more than one horse?

Yes, however, you may only ride as (1) horse/rider combination per class. 

You cannot enter and ride multiple horses in each class. 


What does the $500 entry fee include?

The entry fee allows you to compete in your selected qualifying class at your selected qualifying event. 

It allows you two (2) chances to qualify at each qualifying event, there will be a second chance round at each event. Should you make the top three (3) of either of your qualifying rounds, you will be granted a place in the Jump Off Finals Series at Boneo Park, Victoria. 

 “TOP 6” from each state qualifying rounds will go through to Jump Off finals.

  • JUST RACED    90-105cm  - 6 HORSES. 
  • HAVE JUMPED 105-115cm - 6 HORSES
  • HAVE JUMPED 115-130cm - 6 HORSES

(18 horses per each state qualifier)

Will you provide stabling?

Jump Off and Boneo Park will provide a yard should you make the Jump Off Final Series. At the one-day state qualifying rounds, stabling and bedding are your responsibility. 


Will horses be swabbed?

As equine welfare is paramount, horses will be subject to random swabbing at all qualifying events and the Jump Off Final Series. 

Still have questions? Please email us at and we will endeavour to get back you within 48 hours.